Health Informatics

Our work in health informatics examines how people use electronic health records (EHRs), how we can use traces of EHR activity to study collaboration in healthcare.

Faculty: Adam Rule

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Electronic Health Record Metadata

Like other software, electronic health records (EHRs) keep a record of how people interact with them in software logs. These logs – known variously as audit logs, event logs, or EHR usage metadata – are a vital tool which researchers and administrators can use to better understand EHR use, clinical quality, and clinical workflows. In collaboration with researchers across the country, we have been cataloging how EHR metadata have been used in research and providing guidelines for their future use.


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Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care

Physicians and other members of primary care teams spend a tremendous amount of time interacting with electronic health records (EHR), time many of they would rather spend with patients. Using EHR metadata, we have been quantifying how EHR use varies by physician demographic and over time.


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Clinical Notes

After every patient encounter, medical providers write a clinical note summarizing the visit. Using electronic health record (EHR) metadata, we have been exploring how physicians and other members of the care team collaborate and use custom templates to write these notes.


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